Janelle In Real Life: it's hard to get off the couch and other fat jokes.


it's hard to get off the couch and other fat jokes.

Does anyone else out there have days (or perhaps a full week) where it's hard to be motivated to do ANYTHING except for the have to's and sitting on your couch watching Nexflix?

where she got it-- top: ...it's so old I can't remember // vest: target // jeans: target // booties: minnetonka c/o amazon // necklace: h&m

...Because that's been my life for the last week. I was sick with the stomach flu which meant I had no food in me (you know... the stuff that gives you energy) so that's a valid excuse for the first part of the week. But after I started feeling better I must have just missed all the laying around I was doing before... I didn't want it to end! Yes to Netflix, and no to dishes, cleaning, laundry, errands, or really anything productive. I even lacked motivation to blog and you guys, I love blogging! Every post you got this week was 5 times as hard for me to produce, because I just wasn't feeling it.
But I think I'm starting to get over this motivation slump because I actually did the dishes today aaaaand I'm getting excited about some upcoming blog posts! I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am :)

Also, I'm dying over the package I got from Gap yesterday... I ordered some cute distressed jeans during their 40% off sale (yay!) and they finally got here! Only when I opened the package, it was not what I expected.
Because girlfriend will not be able to fit into those 3-6 month baby girl jeans. Maybe someone at Gap thought it would be a funny fat joke or something.
It took an hour and a half on the phone with customer service to sort the whole thing out, but now I'm getting my jeans sent to me for an even cheaper price! One of the fabulous perks of online shopping, my friends.
You can follow along with me on instagram here (where this story was originally shared).

Hope you all have the BEST WEEKEND! I'm stoked to have Steven allll to myself (except that the little one likes him too and is sort of a daddy hog). Either way, it's party time with the fam.

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  1. I have weeks like that. My husband just had a mix up like that too. Glad you are getting your jeans/

  2. haha! Now those are skinny, cropped jeans!

  3. Great style girl! I love your boots! I've always wanted a pair of minnetonkas! They look so comfy. So great to find a stylish lds blogger!