Janelle In Real Life: Jane style & how to save money at Gap


Jane style & how to save money at Gap

People always complain about Mondays... but I actually like them. I will admit that I don't have a job to dread going to on Monday morning... I just have a demanding baby alarm clock, weekday or not. But to me Mondays are a chance to start fresh and a time for being productive and having a whole week to look forward to. Maybe I'm weird for being a Monday fan.

where she got it-- top: c/o jane // jeans: gap (sold out, similar here) // shoes: famous footwear // initial necklace: c/o jane // gold v necklace: pacsun // hat: target

This asymmetrical top and gold "j" initial necklace are both from jane.com! If you haven't heard of Jane before, it's an online shop that provides daily boutique deals. You can easily find some of the hottest trends for a discounted price all in one place! I check this site on the daily, so definitely make sure to check them out!
And here I am debuting the infamous gap jeans that I alluded to here. $25 for these distressed denim beauties, and I'm a fan! Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I snagged the very last pair of these in my size (they had to be shipped from a store in New York) and they are no longer available online. Buuut I linked up some that are pretty similar.
Here's a tip though... if you want to get the best deal on something from a store like gap, it's actually to your benefit to wait until the item you want sells out online. By this point, it's probably discounted a lot and you can call gap customer service who will find a store that still caries them. The store can then ship you the discounted item and voila! You've officially gotten a great deal. If they also happen to be doing a storewide sale then you're in serious luck, my friend. This is a risky way to save though, because you risk the item actually being sold out in the stores. If you're cool with testing your luck a little, then try out this money saving tip!

Also, if you're planning on doing a bracket for March Madness in the next few days, definitely join my group! I made one just for us. I honestly don't pay attention too much to college basketball, but I do a bracket every year to make March Madness really exciting. It's fun to have teams to root for! The link to the group I created is HERE

Add your bracket and we can have a little friendly competition :) But really I'm probably going to lose big time because like I said... I don't really know what I'm doing.


  1. Thats exactly how i feel about mondays too! A nice fresh start. people are more productive in the beginning of the week than at the end of the week anyways lol. Love this look, simple yet stylish!

  2. HI there, coming to you from the Monday linkup, I like this style too.. somewhat casual, then the great hat! I love hats too, I have a couple of 20s hats. nice!

  3. I love your love for Mondays. We need more Janelles in the world.<3

  4. Haha, I hate Mondays even if I don't have to work! For some reason I always feel super groggy..maybe it is all in my head from years of conditioning to hate Mondays!

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