Janelle In Real Life: a new job! And other life happenings.


a new job! And other life happenings.

Oh heyyyyy there my friends.

My posting on this blog has been more sporadic than I'd like. Odds are that you haven't actually noticed, because I've just been missing days here and there. But it's happening because life has been demanding my attention lately. The truth is this little blog of mine is really nice for stress relief, and general problem-forgetting. I like to blog because it's fun! So I've kind of been missing it.
My sweet little boy is taking his time in learning to talk so we've been spending time with speech therapists and child development experts to evaluate what he needs. It's actually sort of exhausting spending a good portion of your day trying to teach your child to say words. But ohhhh so worth it when he finally does it.
I got a new and amazing job! I'll be sharing more about that very soon. Figuring out the logistics of that has also been time consuming... but in a good sort of way.
Sickness has been sticking around this house for far too long and it's no fun at all. It's been a few weeks since I myself have been sick, but the little guy can't seem to get over his sniffles and coughing. It hurts my heart when he's so sick and pitiful and just wants to lay on me. He's doing a lot better now, but it just lingers.
We're in the midst of figuring out vacation plans! How many vacation days, what do we need to help the little one be ok without his parents for a week, road trip essentials, and bathing suit options of course. Boohoo for us... having to plan a vacation, soooo much work. It's the worst! (I hope you're catching my sarcasm). Vacation planning can be a little stressful but the beaches will be so worth it.

Here's a little insta-look at life. Follow along with me on instagram to see more like this!

1. a little outfit planning for the family photos we took this week! // 2. because when you're a blogger and you eat macarons, you have to document it (but really, they were sooo good) // 3. Some pretty polishes that make for a lovely color palate // 4. my denim on denim with sparkly sandals look! // 5. I said goodbye to the ombre and went with my normal dark locks. I'm loving it so far! // 6. I'm unbelievably stoked to wear this darling swimsuit on the beach! Top from kingdom & state, bottoms from lime ricki

I really hope you're all having a great week so far!


  1. I totally know how you feel! It is so hard to keep up with blogging and the other stresses in life. I cannot wait to hear about what your new job is! :)


  2. My baby girl has weekly therapy appointments, too! I definitely know what you're talking about - it's stressful, but so rewarding when all the hard work pays off. :-)