Janelle In Real Life: gas leaks, evacuations, and peplum tops.


gas leaks, evacuations, and peplum tops.

Hey friends! Hope you all had a grrrreat weekend! Mine was pretty eventful!

where she got it-- top: piper & scoot (get 10% off your order with the code janelle10) // jeans: joes via soel boutique // necklace: j. crew factory // shoes: nine west via macy's

It started early Friday morning. Usually in the mornings my husband gets up before me and starts getting ready for work. He even usually gets Carson up for me and then just wakes me up when he leaves around 7:30 (I know... I'm the luckiest). But Friday morning he woke me up around 5 a.m. and not in the usual gentle nudge & a kiss way. He was sort of shaking me and saying my name really urgently. It turns out our neighbor had knocked on the door and told us that we needed to evacuate our condo. So I jumped out of bed and started throwing on clothes and shoes and ran to my son's room to get him. My husband was outside trying to figure out what was actually going on, and came inside to call the police and find out what it was. The police told us that there was a major gas leak across the street and that we needed to leave immediately on foot. I gathered up snacks, diapers, and the ipad to keep my son occupied and we threw him in the stroller and started walking in the opposite direction of the gas leak. We went to our church building which was a few blocks away and was where most of our neighbors had taken shelter. There were probably 50-60 people hanging out in the church just waiting to find out what we needed to do next.
About 2 hours later, after several calls to the police, we found out that the fire department had gotten the gas leak under control and that most of us could head back home. As we walked back the air was soooo thick with the smell of gas. It was awful! But I was so grateful that everything had been taken care of and that there were no explosions due to the gas.
Events like that really make me think about how important it is to be prepared for an emergency! We don't have backpacks full of emergency supplies, ready to take when we need them, but we really should. We also need to make sure that everything we would need to replace is insured! Lesson learned my friends. I'm so glad my family and neighbors are safe and I really hope it's a while before we have a scary evacuation like that!


  1. I always believe that a good statement necklace makes an outfit POP and this outfit post is the perfect example, you look great!

    Also, so happy that you were safe, things like that are so scary - glad everything turned out okay!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  2. That can be very scary. Glad you had some place to go to. Love your outfit. That necklace is gorgeous.



  3. This is such a great simple casual look. Love it :)

    http://yourfashiontroubleshootingguide.blogspot.com ♥

  4. I'm glad you're safe!


  5. Um wow! It seems like we experience things like that where our eyes are opened to the importance of emergency preparedness and then…. we forget. So, thanks for sharing your story and reminding me I need to get my booty in gear… MUST ORGANIZE "bug out bag". :) And as always, I love your outfit!

  6. Oh my that sounds scary! I'm glad y'all are safe and good point on having emergency bags ready to go!
    An Unblurred Lady