Janelle In Real Life: parenting struggles.


parenting struggles.

I have to tell you guys... my 1 1/2 year old is officially the coolest kid ever.

where she got it-- top: downeast basics // vest: gap outlet // scarf: just dawnelle shop // pants: macy's // boots: aeropostale

Our pediatrician had some concerns about him because he hadn't said one word yet by his 18 month check up. I just know that once we're able to communicate verbally, there will be less frustration, so I was a little concerned myself. I worked with him and repeated words so often that I was getting annoyed with myself. He would usually just look at me with a blank stare or laugh and it was SO HARD.
 We met with a speech therapist and a child development specialist to evaluate him, and around that time was when that little Carson decided to say his first few words! He went from saying nothing to "wow, uh-oh, mama (in reference to me), hello (ye-yo?), and up!" We still have a lot to work on, but progress is reassuring.
Before I actually had this kiddo, I had no idea how hard things would be. I understood the effort needed to take care of a newborn... they can't do anything for themselves. But I figured he would learn to walk, talk, eat, sleep, all on his own. Why did I think that?! Carson is a natural at some things, but not others. He needs my help and guidance, which requires more patience than I've ever had to use. But can I just tell you how worth it it is to hear your baby finally say a word that you've been repeating to him over and over for several weeks (or months)? I wanted to hug him so hard and kiss his little cheeks and clap and yell "you did it!!" And I actually did do all of those things.
If things came so easy to him, I wouldn't have as much appreciation for his accomplishments, so I'm starting to feel really blessed for all this effort I'm putting forth to help my baby grow and develop. Kids are worth all the trouble, you guys. Plus the happiest I've ever been is watching my sweet little boy in a laughing fit. His happiness is contagious, and I'm just glad I get to be here for all of it.


  1. Aww glad you got the reassurance that you needed. And I agree it is much more difficult than I ever thought it would be. My little one is just over a year and it is definitely a challenge some days, but she's SOO smart! lol Love my googy little monkey.

  2. That is such great news! Great job to the both of you :)

  3. I definitely understand what you're going through. My oldest (now five) started talking, and would say Mama, Dada, and Doddie (doggie), and then just stopped. Our pediatrician felt that it was probably her personality (she has always been very reserved, even as a baby) but suggested we go through speech, too. She was only in speech for less than 3 months because she caught up really fast. I completely understand how you are feeling. It's frustrating, and a little scary. I'm so happy that your little one is talking more. It's so much fun when they can communicate!!!

  4. I ADORE that scarf! So cute :)

    I cannot say I relate (yet). I'm sure taking care of a baby is rough based on my babysitting experience!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  5. I'm childless so I can't relate either, but you seem like an amazing mom! Also, your scarf is super cute!!
    An Unblurred Lady

  6. woot woot, Carson!! Way to go Janelle with your consistency and patience! Also, of course… Love the outfit!! :)

  7. Glad to hear it. We were pulling for you both. One can't take anything for granted in life.