Janelle In Real Life: what are you doing this weekend?


what are you doing this weekend?

If you're plan-less for the weekend, get the girls together and come to the Utah Valley Women's Expo!

I will be there representing The Shine Project, which is a company that employs at risk youth who want to break the cycle. They are paid a fair, hourly wage to make seriously gorgeous jewelry. The money they make is then used to help them pay their way through college! It's such an amazing cause that I'm so proud to be supporting. Come visit me and I'll hook you up with some pretty pieces (and p.s. the bracelets are buy 3, get one free for this event ONLY!)
Every piece you buy helps these kids achieve their dreams of furthering their education and having a good future. I truly believe in this cause, and I hope you realize how much you'll be helping by just buying yourself or someone else a pretty bracelet or two!

I'll be on the upstairs level, just past the first hallway you walk through (you have to walk by my booth to get in to the main area!)
In addition to the pretty things I'll be selling, there will be TONS of vendors there. As I was walking through the booths that were being set up yesterday, I got really excited, because there are some awesome things! Jewelry, clothing, food, makeup, fitness, health... pretty much anything a girl could want. Aaaand art city donuts will be parked outside on Saturday and we all know how I feel about those.
This is one of the biggest events like this in Utah and you definitely don't want to miss it if you're a local.
And I want you to know I will love you long time if you at least stop by the booth and take a look. We had a tough crowd the first day, and it would be awesome to make some sales to help these kids out. So please, please come!
Hope you all have a happy weekend!


  1. Sound like a great event to go to. Have a great weekend

  2. oh man. it would be a pretty far drive. otherwise I would be there <3

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