Janelle In Real Life: My clothing budget for May


My clothing budget for May

Hey friends! We're back with a little budget sharing today! Here's how I spent my clothing budget in the month of may:

1. asos black swing dress: original price $72.41 --I spent $34.27 (52% off)
2. black birkenstock sandals (asos): original price $95.17 --I spent $76.17 (20% off)
3. madden girl strappy wedges: original price $50 --I spent $25 (50% off)
4. threadsence flower sweater: original price $48 --I spent $31.60 (35% off)
5. piper & scoot peplum top: original price $32 --I spent $27.20 (15% off)

Not pictured: soel boutique embroidered top: original price $46 --I spent $36.80 (20% off)

Total Spent: $231.04
Total Saved: $112.54

I ended up overspending a little this month... but that's ok for your birthday month, right?! And lets be honest, I couldn't pass up a couple of those great Memorial Day sales. I plan to scale back this month though and not do too much "self" shopping so we can save up for some bigger purchases!
I'm so excited about this month's haul though... I haven't gotten the birks or the asos dress yet (still in the mail) but I'm stoked to wear those alllll summer.
It's basically a goal of mine to not pay full price for any clothing I buy... and it's been working out so far! I loooove promo codes and sales! Getting quality items for a cheaper price is what I'm all about these days. I hope to do a tips & tricks post in the near future for my online shopping strategy!

Hope you're all still enjoying reading about each month's clothing budget! If you want to look at others I've done you can find them here and here.
I can't stress enough how much having a set budget has helped me regulate my shopping. If you don't already do it, I highly recommend it! Besides the obvious effect of not overspending, it also allows you a little guilt-free you shopping! My husband and I each have a little amount each month to send on whatever we want, and it makes finances so much less stressful.

Happy budgeting, my friends!

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