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packing light: my hawaiian style

I love vacations. Loooooove them! It doesn't matter if it's only for the weekend and we're just doing an obligatory family visit, it's just fun to break from the norm and go places! Right now I happen to be on an ultimate vacation. We are on an anniversary trip in HAWAII (just the two of us)! Neither of us has been before so we are so stoked to be here. Yay for vacations!
But do you know what stresses me out the most about vacations? Packing. It's the worst! I want to bring eeeeverything because, what if I need it? BUT, I've learned that it's best to just simplify and pack lightly.
I'm going to give you a peek into the clothing I packed for this 10 day trip! I planned these outfits out before leaving, and I was able to double up on things so I wasn't bringing a whole different outfit for every single day. Also, everything is linked if you want to know where I got it!

left: black maxi dress // necklace // flats
right: t-shirt // shorts // toms // sunglasses

left: dress // sandals
right: floral shirt // jeans // flats

left: neon flowy top // shorts // sandals // hat 

left: maxi dress // white tee // hat // flats
right: dress // hat // flats

left: hat // top // shorts // sandals
right: dress // necklace // sandals

(not pictured: workout clothes & shoes, and a lightweight sweater for chilly nights)

 So I brought:
5 tops
1 pair of shorts & 1 pair of jeans
2 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of flats & 1 pair of slip ons (4 total shoes)
5 dresses
2 necklaces
1 hat
1 pair of sunglasses
1 flower crown

I chose to pack so that I had a different top or dress for every day. If you want to lighten things even more, just plan on wearing tops or dresses more than once! I just like the variety of having a different look for every day.
If I would change anything, I would probably just do one pair of sandals, because I really don't need 4 pairs of shoes (5 including running shoes) for a 10 day trip. Buuut I love both pairs of sandals and I'll wear them plenty so whatevs.

The nice thing about vacations to warm places is that the clothing you're packing is lightweight! You don't need to wear layers upon layers which is nice for fitting everything into your suitcase.

My best advice to you for packing light is to plan your outfits ahead of time! You can tweak your outfits slightly to use what you're already planning on bringing! Another nice thing about bringing a lot of dresses is that they can double as swimsuit coverups for the beach/pool. Any way that you can wear things more than once, or incorporate them into multiple outfits is great for packing light.

Hope you have a faaaantastic day!

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