Janelle In Real Life: patterned pants & summer events!


patterned pants & summer events!

Hey friends! My blogging has been a little more sporadic lately, and it's nice to get back to writing for you all! I've been dealing with some minor health issues lately that have left me pretty low on energy, but hopefully I can keep up better here.
Because I've been lacking the get-up-and-go spirit for the last little while, I've been all about dressing in a way that's comfortable and easy!
top // pants (similar) // necklace // shoes

These pants are seriously so fun to wear! After seeing pictures of them on, I will probably alter the bottom to be a little less pajama-pants-like, but even as they are they look super fun and they are soooo comfy! I'm just grateful that it's socially acceptable to wear drawstring pants in public, because sometimes a girl needs a break from the super tight skinny jeans... amiright?
Hope you all have been having a perfect summer so far! We've definitely been hitting up the splash pads and parks in our area... and of course been taking advantage of Sonic's half price shakes after 8 p.m. (the coconut cream pie flavor is the beeeeest)! Also, because it's summertime, I'll be hitting up a lot of the local events as a Shine Project rep so definitely come visit me if you're local! This weekend we'll be at Orem Summerfest!

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  1. What a fun pair of pants to throw on for a casual summer day. So cute.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Those pants are amazing! I totally need to snag a pair! And two thumbs up for half price shakes haha! If you like lemon you have to try the lemon cream pie one!