Janelle In Real Life: big news!


big news!

Wow you guys... It's actually been a month since I've posted anything. A month!! Life has been a little crazy lately, and it's all I can do to keep my toddler fed and happy. It's a heaven sent miracle if I get dressed and ready for the day before noon these days! I have a good excuse though, do you wanna know what it is?!

I'm pregnant!!

We are beyond stoked to have a new little baby joining our family in January!

And as you can see in the photo above... I'm already showing?! This was taken last week at 12 weeks pregnant. Apparently the second time around you show a lot quicker! Your uterus has a memory or something like that and just pops right out.

Here's some info you might like to know about this pregnancy:

How far along are you?

13 weeks! (The baby is the size of a lemon!) Just starting my second trimester and reeeeally looking forward to it.

How have you been feeling?

Not too great... my body really struggles during pregnancy. I've been sick since about week 6 (nausea, tossing my cookies, headaches) and have been suuuuper tired because of the anemia that accompanies pregnancy for me (I nap everyday when my toddler does). With my last one, I was sick all the way through about week 20, so I'm really hoping that's not the case this time around! I am of course grateful to be able to carry this little one, so I'm trying to be positive about everything though and not be too complain-y.

How/when did you find out?

This is going to sound crazy to you guys, but I felt pregnant almost immediately. I felt more pressure where my uterus is and felt very low on energy from the beginning. I took a test as soon as I thought I might get a positive result and sure enough saw two pink lines! And then I of course took two more tests just to make sure. This was about 5 or 6 days before I was supposed to have my period, so I found out really early! It was sooooo hard not telling anyone for a while so I definitely recommend being more patient with your pregnancy test-taking. We told both of our parents when I was 6 weeks along, and then close friends and family a few weeks after that.

Was it planned?
Sort of... We had decided that month that we wanted to start trying for another one. We both figured it would take a few months for me to actually get pregnant so we were super surprised when I got pregnant our first month of trying! It's probably good that I didn't really have time to overthink anything.

Do you think it's a boy or girl?
I really don't know and I would honestly love either one. A boy would be fun because I could just see Carson loving having a little boy buddy to play with. Plus we have soooo many boy things and clothes, there's very little we would need to get! A girl would be great because, one of each! And frilly dresses. If I had to guess I would say girl, but we will see! We're thinking we're going to wait until the 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender, but there is an option to find out the gender at 15 weeks (we would just have to pay a little extra). We'll see if I can hold out!

We are so excited to be growing our family!


  1. Congratulations Janelle!!


  2. Congrats! I totally understand taking a break from blogging during your first trimester! I didn't have the energy to do a real outfit post until 25 weeks! I was just so tired! Hopefully you start feeling better soon!

  3. Yay Janelle and family! Congratulations, you guys!! So exciting :)

  4. This is wonderful news! Congrats to you and your family! I'm sorry you've been sick, but hopefully it gets better so soon! I'm due in November - so fun to have pregnant blog friends!

  5. How exciting!! Your blog is adorable and that sweet baby bump is even cuter. So glad I found you! Yay for new blogger friends :)