Janelle In Real Life: fruit snacks & almost there baby bumps.


fruit snacks & almost there baby bumps.

Hey friends! Sorry the posts around here have still been few and far between, I'm just still trying to get my bearings here. Pregnancy reeeeally wipes me out and I'm just starting to try to get back to life as usual. I'm always hungry and always sick which is a fun combination. So far I crave potatoes of all varieties, yogurt, strawberries, gummy bears, and whatever I see on commercials or instagram. I also really like fruit snacks right now and specifically the tree top brand. They're so good! But I can't find them at any grocery stores around here which is a big problem. So I ordered them from amazon. You guys. I actually ordered fruit snacks from amazon. And it turns out, people buy food from amazon a lot. There are reviews for all of these gummy snacks! This probably is not good for me to know though because I learned I can order a 5 lb. bag of my favorite gummy grapefruit slices and homegirl could eat all of those herself. But since eating 5 pounds of candy is probably not a great decision, pregnant or not, I'll go ahead and hold out on that.

dress- soel boutique // shoes- famous footwear // bracelets- c/o the shine project // necklace- c/o jane

--all photos by Kailey Rae Photography--

I'm in that stage of pregnancy where I'm showing, but it's not totally obvious that I'm pregnant... so I probs just look chubbier than normal. Anyway, dressing the sort-of-there bump is proving difficult since I can't button my regular pants and I'm still too small for maternity pants. The struggle is real, my friends. Dresses are where it's at these days! Especially flowy ones like this that are still figure flattering. I love it!
I'm in my second trimester now and so looking forward to the end of morning sickness for me! Also, we are learning the sex of the baby in a month or so and preeeetty stoked about that.
In other news, my little toddler boy is getting some molars in so we are in full fledged toddler tantrum time. He's pretty cute though and recently learned how to blow kisses which is adooooorable! 

Hope you're all doing grrrreat, and hopefully there will be more frequent posts happening around here!

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  1. Okay, you don't have a baby bump, but you are glowing! You look so gorgeous in that dress and I can't wait to see that bump make an appearance!


  2. That dress is perfect for a "not quite baby bump" gal. That's hilarious that you bought gummies on Amazon. It is also genius...

  3. You can order all kind of thing on amazon. I hope you morning sickness passes soon.

  4. Ok, that whole buying candy on Amazon thing is really dangerous - I just found all the limited edition of M&Ms and my favorite coconut dove candies. So...thank you, and I hate you? In all seriousness though, hope the pregnancy sickness goes away soon and you get to enjoy the last half of pregnancy. Love that dress!

    The Joni Journey

  5. love this dress on you! you look gorgeous <3 now i need to get myself one lol