Janelle In Real Life: not so boring & a macaron master.


not so boring & a macaron master.

I'm a firm believer that good accessories can make you love any outfit.

dress (similar) // tights // booties // scarf

Because this outfit was preeeeetty boring until I threw this cute floral scarf on! Also, I've been wearing these shoes like they're going out of style. Do yourself a favor at get some cute booties for fall because cute shoes always make you feel good. That's my experience at least! Especially when I'm preggo and not fitting well in any clothes... shoes really make me feel good. Also, pockets in dresses. That is all.

Hope you all had a fun weekend! We celebrated my little guy's 2nd birthday with strawberry cake and a train set that he can't stop playing with. I can't believe that little one is two! He is seriously the best and we had lots of fun celebrating his day of birth. 
I also learned how to make french macarons! The notoriously finicky little cookie that everyone oggles over on instagram (...guilty). I love them and have gotten them at the farmers market a couple times, but soon there will be no more farmers market! What would I do?! So I took on this little baking challenge and found a cute little recipe book for macarons, googled tips for making them, and tried my hand at it. They didn't all turn out perfect because I'm really not great at making them the same size. But I was proud of my efforts the first time around! I plan to keep trying and eventually perfect them so everyone can oggle at my macaron instagram photos.
like this one.

p.s. you should probs follow my instagram account because I post a lot over there! Bump-updates, pictures of cookies, pictures of my cute child... all little nuggets of fun.


  1. That scarf definitely brightens up the outfit and those are cute booties. Perfect for fall. I tried making macarons a few times. The first time wasn't so bad but the second and third times were not so great. I guess it was beginner's luck that first time! ~Cynthia | www.myrosecoloredshades.com

  2. Aw I love the grey tights, so cute!! Also please bake me some macaroons, your's look delicious!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  3. Love the addition of the grey tights and those cute wedges with the black dress. THe scarf adds some lovely color too!
    from the link up

    please stop by, jess

  4. Love your booties! Ah your macarons look awesome; my first attempt resulted in feet-less cookies!! Do share your recipe!
    An Unblurred Lady

  5. your scarf is super cute. Happy Birthday to your son.

  6. Beautiful scarf ! You look very pretty :) x

  7. A classic outfit, but totally taken to the next level with the floral scarf and booties. And your hair is fabulous by the way!


  8. What a great way to wear a LBD for Fall, Janelle. I love the booties and scarf and I love that you chose gray tights since they stand out. Looking great, mommy. =)

  9. Love these booties! You look great! Congratulations!


  10. Such a pretty scarf! This is the perfect fall look!


  11. Loving the floral of that scarf! You look darling! Thanks for linking up with us at Three-fer Thursdays!
    xo, Steph
    White Coat Wardrobe