Janelle In Real Life: 26 weeks


26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks... 3rd trimester, baby!

Total weight gain: about 20 lbs... whew! I've gained quite a bit in the last week or two... but the baby is supposed to have doubled in size over the last few weeks!

Maternity clothes: leggings or maternity pants on bottom and tunics or maternity tops! Definitely still mixing in my normal wardrobe with some maternity.

Stretch marks: nothing new that I've noticed! Still using bio oil and cocoa butter.

Miss anything: sushi (I've unintentionally made a tradition of going to all you can eat sushi with friends every time I'm pregnant... cali & tempura veggie rolls for this girl!)

Movement: Definitely! And has for sure contributed to some insomnia lately.

Food craving: still sweet things!

Anything make you queasy or sick: Not really at all! My doc prescribed me some heartburn medication and it's cuh-razy how much it's helped! I feel like a new woman!

Have you started to show yet: Definitely. Belly continues to grow!

Gender: Boy!

Labor signs: Just some Braxton Hicks here and there.

Belly button in or out: still in!

Wedding rings on or off: on for now

Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy! Definitely trying to enjoy this stage of pregnancy.

Looking forward to: getting the nursery (and the rest of our place) put together and organized! We have a dresser now and I have an idea of what I want the nursery to look like!

We're heading into the home stretch, my friends (...sort of). Still 14ish weeks to go, but it's 3rd trimester time! I'm feeling pretty good lately, just some back aches and minor things.

The nesting is setting in a little early and I'm on a cleaning/organizing kick. We got dressers for both boys (because poor Carson has just been using plastic drawers) and I'm updating Carson's room too! Nothing crazy, but I just want his room to be a little more fun and colorful and try to incorporate his toys, since we've moved them in from his former playroom (now new baby's room). He's been a trooper about losing some of his space!

Overall I'm super duper excited about meeting this new little guy. We have a name that we're pretty excited about too (which is kind of a relief). Naming is hard! Any guesses on what we will name the new little one?