Janelle In Real Life: first snow & packing up our lives.


first snow & packing up our lives.

We've had some real winter weather in Utah over the weekend. Hence the sweater and beanie. We got our first, and second, and third snow of the season!

sweater- h&m // jeans- c/o pink blush maternity // boots- aeropostale // necklace- c/o pink blush maternity // hat- c/o lemon ice

And the downside to all of this is that I still haven't gotten myself a maternity coat and none of my non-maternity ones will button. Poor belly.
I hope you all had a fun November weekend! 
I mentioned in a previous post that we just found out we have to move out of our condo in a couple weeks, which is the worst. We've been renting and the person who owned the condo sold it! We were never even told that it was listed for sale. It's super short notice and we will literally have one day after we get back from our Thanksgiving trip to get everything ready for our move. I'm stressing out A LOT over this even though there's not much we can do, except pack up things here and there before our trip. We went to switch our contract over to the new condo we're moving into and the people at the property management company saw that I was pretty pregnant and felt suuuuper bad that I was having to move so close to my due date. They let the owner know who also felt really bad, so at least I made people feel bad for me. 
So since we found out about all this moving business (boooo), we've been selling some of our stuff so that we have less to move. We had no less than 5 guitars sitting in our bedroom (5!!!), so some of those obvs had to go. Selling things through local websites & facebook groups is super convenient, but also a little sketchy feeling. I'm always a little worried that the people buying things from me are serial killers or something so I make them meet me at the front of our condo complex so they don't know which one I live in. I sold a changing table so getting that outside, by myself, with a huge belly in the way was quite the task. The guy who bought it from me was really nice and showed me pictures of his baby, so I felt a little bad that I thought he might be a serial killer. But you never know, right??
Hope you all have a super day!


  1. Super cozy look - we had our first snow, too. Not ready for all this cold weather. Best of luck with the move.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  2. I love your bump! That beanie looks great on you!

  3. Such cute maternity style! And the wash on those jeans is ah-mazing!