Janelle In Real Life: It's that Christmas-y time of year.


It's that Christmas-y time of year.

It seems like Christmas sneaks up on me every.single.year.
Getting decorations up, finding gifts for family and friends, sending out Christmas cards... there's such a small window of time to get all this done! This year I am so determined to get my Christmas to-do list done in a reasonable amount of time!

It's nearing the end of November and time to start thinking about sending holiday cards out to all our friends and family. We've been slackers since we've been married and haven't been super consistent about getting our cards out. I loooove getting cards from people in the mail and displaying them during Christmas time, so it's only fair that we send them out too!
In the past, I've tried designing my own cards and it was kiiiind of a disaster. I've also gone the pre-made card route and just bought a bunch of cards from walmart & written "Merry Christmas!" inside. That way didn't seem as personalized or fun, so this year I really wanted to do something more unique & definitely have pictures involved. I found a website called Minted.com recently that makes the cuuuutest holiday cards that can be personalized to fit exactly what you want! I'm in love with so many of their designs and am in the process of narrowing down my options for what to send to our friends & family. Check out some of my picks below:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Wouldn't you just love to get one of these pretty things in the mail? If you want to see more of their holiday card collection, check it out here!
They also carry fun holiday gifts like photo calendars, artwork, stationary, and other great things that you can personalize and make all your own.

I hope I got you all in a nice Christmas-y mood with all this holiday card talk... now go decorate your tree and drink some eggnog.

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