Janelle In Real Life: a white Christmas.


a white Christmas.

Hey friends! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas holiday!
Ours was so wonderful and it was so fun to watch our 2-year-old get excited about opening presents & having his daddy home all day long. We also got to skype with our families (who all live out of state) including my little sister who is serving a church mission in Nevada! It was so great.

 tunic- c/o pink blush maternity // jeans- destination maternity // boots- hunters // necklace- voulez jewelry // hat- c/o lemon ice

And yes, that's snow you see! It magically snowed early on Christmas morning so we got to wake up to a white Christmas! But in all honesty, I'm ready for the cold and snow to be done now. We took a train up to Salt Lake to see some pretty Christmas lights before they were all taken down for the season and it was so beautiful, but I was freeeeeezing! I really kind of wish winter would just last for a week or two so we can enjoy the pretty snow, and then leave.

Our Christmas tree is still up because it only went up 5 days before Christmas and I need to enjoy it longer. We are doing pretty good on getting unpacked in our new place, but we are far from having the new baby's nursery ready. He'll be sleeping in our room for at least the first month or two anyway so we have a little extra time, but I just want to have everything organized so I can figure out what we still need to get for the little guy! Only about 4 weeks left until his due date!


  1. Beautiful pictures. New babies are so exciting. This is that anchors, uncomfortable, ready to be done being pregnant stage. At least it always was for me. Enjoy your tree. :)

  2. Beautiful!

    a latte of blessings & giggles,

  3. Oh how exciting you had a white Christmas! :)

    You are looking lovely so far along in your pregnancy - still so stylish! :) That tunic looks really cosy for the snow :) Just think, next year you will be celebrating Christmas with baby! Even more exciting! :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. dressing the belly in fashion...YES:) Happy 2015...and hey I wanted to invite you to a party, just started, a new fashion link up for fridays, Fashion Caché Friday @SweetHaute love it if you'd come party each week. http://sweethaute.blogspot.com...

    ~Be Sweet
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