Janelle In Real Life: my week from hell.


my week from hell.

this picture is more or less irrelevant to the post topic... I just love Carson's face in it.

This post sure has a cheery title, doesn't it? It was fitting because most of the week, that's how it felt. Very hell-ish. 
We've been living out of boxes for the last 3 weeks as we tried to figure out where we were going to move. We were being forced out of our condo last minute due to it being sold and I got very little sympathy from the owner that was forcing us out, even though I'm 8 months pregnant and Christmas is just around the corner.

We finally found somewhere to move to and did our big move on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday I found out I had a UTI which is a really uncomfortable infection, but still manageable. My toddler was all kinds of upset during the move, because no one had time to play with him and all his stuff was packed up and being moved. It was just one meltdown after another!

We made it through the big moving day (barely) and were ready to start unpacking and get things organized. But on Wednesday morning I woke up in seriously excruciating pain. The pain was also making me really nauseous and dizzy and I was super unaware of what was going on. I called my doctor to try & come in but he was in surgery and couldn't be reached. At this point I was pretty sure I knew what was happening because I experienced the same thing during my last pregnancy. Kidney stones (hooray)! If you've never had kidney stones before, let me tell you that the pain is indescribable. I have gone through both kidney stones and childbirth... and kidney stones were worse (in my experience).

My husband, who was already late for work and hadn't yet had time to return the U-haul we'd borrowed that was due back that morning, carted me and the toddler off to Instacare (an emergency clinic) to get me some help. They immediately turned me away because I was pregnant and told me to go to the hospital. We were sent to L&D so that they could monitor the baby while figuring out what was going on with me. Several hours in the hospital later, I could finally go home! To a really messy & not unpacked house. I'm still dealing with the kidney stones & UTI but things are getting a little better.

And now to top it all off, our car broke down over the weekend. Moving is so expensive, and then of course there's the expense of Christmas so we're crossing our fingers that it's a small repair!

My poor husband is the true hero of this story because he has been picking up allllll the slack around here. He's been cleaning our old place so we can get back our deposit, taking care of our toddler or arranging for someone else to, getting my prescriptions & whatever else I need, unpacking our house, making dinners, and making sure I don't have as much to worry about. And that poor guy is dealing with sickness too! He's had a cold for over a week now and I'm pretty sure the reason it's staying is because of all the stress & lack of rest for him.

Because of all this madness, I've been feeling pretty bad for us. Why did it have to happen right now? And all at once? I was having a really bad attitude about the whole situation. Then I found out about a family we go to church with whose sweet little 2 year old passed away. I can't even imagine having to deal with that sort of tragedy, it's so unthinkable! And it put things into perspective for me. There's always someone who has it worse. So I decided to make a mental list of all the things in my life right now that I'm grateful for. And guess what? That list was a whooooole lot longer than the list of bad things we were having to deal with. I still have moments of self-pity here and there, but I'm trying my best to be more grateful for what I do have going for me. I have the most perfect family that I love and I should not take that for granted! At least we have each other to get through the hard times!

So thank you Christmas season, for being there to remind me of all the good things in my life. I Hope you all have a very amazing week spent with family & friends!

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