Janelle In Real Life: perfect dresses & 34 weeks!


perfect dresses & 34 weeks!

hey friends! You know what I'm actually going to miss about being pregnant? How comfy maternity clothes are. This dress is never ever coming off.
dress- c/o pink blush maternity // fur vest- brickyard buffalo // necklace- olive deer (similar) // shoes- target

Also, aren't you impressed that I braved the rain for these photos? I am a true Oregonian, aren't I?
I'm at the 34 week mark for this pregnancy and I caaaan't even believe it. Time is flying by and I feel so unprepared! I'm actually perfectly fine if this little babe decides to stay nice and comfy until his due date or a little later. We are busy now doing all kinds of unpacking which I usually HATE, but I'm just so ready to be settled again!
And now for those who are interested, a pregnancy update!

How far along: 34 weeks

Total weight gain: Maybe 25-30 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight? Still need to get that scale unpacked!

Maternity clothes: Obviously loving this maternity dress... and mixing up the regular wardrobe with maternity pieces!

Stretch marks: Probably. I'm actually a lot less concerned about them this time around. I already have some from baby #1... what's a few more? 

Miss anything: Being able to breathe easily! Sitting is kind of hard and I'm always wanting to take that pesky bra off so I can breathe better. Baby is suuuper comfy up there in my ribs.

Movement: plenty! He's having a dance party in there as we speak.

Food craving: Not a ton of cravings going on lately. I did make some Christmas fudge which baby (and I) loved a whole lot.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Not really! I'm grateful for no queasiness at this point.

Have you started to show yet: Most definitely.

Gender: Boy!

Labor signs: Some braxton hicks going on, but nothing else really.

Belly button in or out: still in, but barely!

Wedding rings on or off: on for now

Happy or moody most of the time: Sort of moody, but mostly because of all the discomfort. It's hard to be in a happy mood when you can't get comfy!

Looking forward to: getting all unpacked, putting up the Christmas tree and getting the rest of the things we need for baby!

Hope you are all having a perfect week so far. Enjoy this wonderful holiday season!


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    1. Thank you! The vest was a great purchase for sure, I'm always wearing it!

  2. As I was scrolling through your photos I noticed the rain and I was like "She's a true Oregonian. She didn't even use and umbrella or anything." ;)

  3. good luck getting settle in to your new place.

    1. Thank you! We're getting unpacked pretty quickly which is so nice!

  4. I've been debating buying one of these maxi dresses from Pink Blush. It looks so great on you! I only have 10 weeks to go but I already feel like I'm going to outgrow so of my maternity items! I'm huge! :)

    1. Oh my gosh, I love the dress. I definitely recommend it! I'm pretty huge myself and only getting bigger and this is one of the few things I can throw on and not worry about having to tug over my belly etc. It's so great!

  5. You have such a stylish bump!


  6. You are looking great so far along! I loved maxi dresses in my pregnancy, I didn't look as stylish as this though! :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. YOu look so great. I love the green on you and so stylish,. The addition of the vest is pretty!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  8. You make maternity looks so good! Gorgeous!

    Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com

  9. you look great tand the dress is very cute
    The Color Palette