Janelle In Real Life: 36 week update, goal setting, and general rambling.


36 week update, goal setting, and general rambling.

Oh hey, friends! I'm just a few days past the 36 week mark in this pregnancy so we'll be meeting this new little guy in just a few weeks! Last night my husband pointed out that I'd already had my hospital bag packed for a week this time in my last pregnancy, and then I started to think about all the other things I'd already had checked off the list by this point last time. I'm kind of behind this time around and there's looooots to do! 
The nursery still has lots of boxes and odds & ends from moving that we need to find another place for, our two year old is still sleeping in the crib we are planning on using for the new baby, we don't actually know where half of our baby gear is right now so we don't even know what we still need to buy, the clothes haven't been gone through to make sure he has what he needs, we just learned that the bottles we have now are too icky to reuse for new baby, I haven't found my nursing bra in any boxes yet, and there's just a whole bunch of things we still need to buy. I figured we'd have most of what we need since we've already had a baby before, but boy was I wrong! Our baby swing is broken, our baby monitor won't hold a charge, the humidifier is broken, and we need things like towels, washcloths, baby soap, blankets, and not all of Carson's clothes are reusable... lots have gross stains and some were loaned out and haven't made their way back. It's adding up and I really should have been thinking about/buying these things gradually over the last few months. Oops.
Please don't come early, little one. I promise we'll get this to-do list done asap!

(photos from our holiday break! They can be found on my instagram feed HERE)
In other news, it's a new year!! And while the last month of 2014 was kind of awful, the rest of it was pretty awesome. And I know 2015 will be even better with a family of 4!
As far as goals for the new year, I'm still working on narrowing it down to more measurable goals but here are a few things I really want to work on!
-- I want to put myself out there more and make some new friends this year. Over the past few years I've become more and more introverted and a little shy when it comes to getting to know others. I want to take all the opportunities I can to interact with others, go to social events, and hopefully gain some lifelong friends! --
-- I'd like to make my health more of a priority this year. Obviously it would be great to lose this baby weight I've gained, but I don't want weight loss to be the focus. I'd just like to try to be active everyday and eat things that are good for my body! --
-- I want to improve my relationship with God. I plan to read one conference talk a month and use the topic of that talk as a focus for my spiritual growth! I also want to pray with my kids in the mornings & evenings to help teach them more about the importance of prayer. --
-- I also hope to grow my blog more and put out more frequent posts. I love blogging and would really like to be more consistent! I want to interact with my readers and form relationships through this blog of mine. I hope to add some variety to my posts and keep things interesting around here! --
-- And last but not least, I want to make my family my #1 priority and be the best wife and mom that I can be! If one of my boys needs me, I want to drop whatever I'm doing to enjoy the time that I have to be with them. My family is so wonderful and I need to take advantage of this time with them, because it's fleeting. My boys will be grown up before I know it! --

And here's the pregnancy update for you... If you've made it this far into this blog post, 10 gold stars for you.

How far along: 36 weeks (+2 days)

Total weight gain: I actually don't have a clue. Our scale is broken! But I'll find out next week at the doctor's office.

Maternity clothes: A mixture of both maternity & non-maternity. leggings & tunics are my friend, and I love my pink blush maternity pieces!

Stretch marks: Who cares. Not me!

Miss anything: pregnancy brings out the worst in me health-wise, so I'm looking forward to being in full health again. In the last couple weeks I've had kidney stones, a UTI, nausea, heartburn, some painful contractions, and lots of back pain. It's worth it, but I look forward to the end!

Movement: all the time! He's really been a fan of head-butting me in the cervix which feels really weird and painful.

Food craving: I've been soooo hungry lately! Snacking all the time on whatever I can get my hands on.

Anything make you queasy or sick: I've had plenty of nausea, but I'm not sure if there's really a cause.

Have you started to show yet: I'm so incredibly pregnant looking.

Gender: Boy!

Labor signs: I've had a couple contractions that were not braxton hicks, but not regular at all. So we probs still have a bit of time before real labor begins.

Belly button in or out: still in, but barely!

Wedding rings on or off: on! I had swollen a lot more than this with my last pregnancy and had already taken off my wedding ring. But I could swell up like a balloon with little to no notice so I won't celebrate dodging that bullet yet.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy to have all this time with my family! The husband has had since Christmas until today off of work and it's been so fun just lounging around with my boys.

Looking forward to: making a dent in getting organized for baby! We'll get there...

Have a fab Friday, you guys!


  1. I completely understand being not prepared for a baby. When we had our fourth, it was seven years after our third (surprise!) and we had no clue what to get for a baby. We actually had to google it, as we'd completely forgotten! We also had to buy a new car, as that fourth child pushes you right into a minivan, and I was so hesitant about it, that we didn't get the van until the weekend before I delivered! It took me that long to concede to being a mini van mom. (I now really appreciate that van). In the end, we pulled it all together, and our baby survived. :) I'm sure everything will be lovely for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm sure you will get everything you need soon. Good luck on your goals

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