Janelle In Real Life: perfect winter coat & a fast approaching due date!


perfect winter coat & a fast approaching due date!

sheinside coat
sheinside coat-6
sheinside coat collage
sheinside coat-2
sheinside coat-10
sheinside coat-5
sheinside coat collage2
sheinside coat-3

top- clad & cloth // coat- c/o sheinside // jeans- c/o pink blush maternity // scarf- old navy // booties- old navy (similar)

This may very well be my last maternity look! My due date is on Wednesday and lets be honest... I have a hard time getting myself put together lately.
Now lets talk for a minute about how perfect this coat is. It fits so great! It has a little stretch to it so my arms aren't all constricted, but it's still form fitting and figure-flattering. The quality is great and a total steal at $40. Find it HERE!

Hope you all have a fab weekend! This is probably the last weekend I have with just our family of 3 and that's crazy. We'll be doing some last minute baby shopping & cleaning & meal prepping so that I can feel a little more ready for the little one! I also get to have a little salon time which will be soooo nice to do before I have a newborn permanently attached to me. My hubby is really great about making sure I get time to myself when I need it. I definitely experience that "mommy guilt" of not being with my child 24/7 and he always makes sure that I know it's ok to take breaks. In fact, it's good for your kiddos if you have a little self time once in a while. I'm always much more patient after!
Now lets see if I make it to 40 weeks on Wednesday for another pregnancy update!


  1. You look adorable! Congrats on your soon to be new addition. :)


  2. Ohhhhh i love this! Thank you for sharing your maternity outfits - I'm going to be there soon...
    Hope your baby won't be late and everything goes smooth!
    Love your style!


  3. Wow. You look absolutely stunning. I wore a similar look when I was pregnant. Although not the heels so far on, sadly couldn't get them on! KA

  4. I like these fashion clothes