Janelle In Real Life: I'm Back!


I'm Back!

Hey friends. I'm (finally) getting back to blogging and it feels pretty great.

sheinside cardigan-2
sheinside cardigan collage
sheinside cardigan
sheinside cardigan-7
sheinside cardigan-6
sheinside cardigan-3

top- cotton on // cardigan- c/o sheinside // leggings- c/o pink blush // ring- olive deer // necklace- elm avenue // shoes- dolce vita

what is not great is not fitting into most of my clothes! It's the worst trying to get ready. Most of my pants button up now, but don't exactly fit right (read: muffin tops) so that's a bummer. Leggings it is! And because I'm breastfeeding my chest area is (ahem) a little larger than I'm used to and makes tops look a little wonky. I'm cutting myself plenty of slack since I just had a baby 4 weeks ago, but it's just frustrating finding things to wear right now.
The good news is that our new little baby Nathan is here and he is sooooo cute and wonderful. We love him! Big brother doesn't even mind him too much ;) Being a mom of two is hard right now and I'm still getting my bearings, but I love my boys so much and I'm so grateful to be their momma.

I plan on posting more regularly (yay!) but bear with me as far as fashion posts go while I continue to shed this baby weight and (hopefully) fit into my clothes a little better. 

Have a happy week!


  1. Yay! Welcome back, lovey!! You look absolutely beautiful and so wonderful to hear you're settling back into a routine! xo

  2. Welcome back dear! And congratulations on your baby boy - this awaits me in August. I'm afraid my son is going to love and hate it at the same time.
    Your hair is gorgeous dear, and I absolutely agree with you about trying to find things that fit. I'm 4 mo preggo and all I'm wearing now is leggings - jeans fit but so uncomfortable. So for the next 6 mo it's going to be me and my preggo pants lol


  3. *insert low whistle* Dang girl you're looking good!

  4. You look amazing

    P.S. My blog has moved to http://www.amysfashionblog.com/blog-home

  5. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  6. Welcome back!! And congratss on your baby - that must have been exciting :) Also, love your cardigan - so pretty :)

    If you have a sec, I’d like you to check out the latest on my blog: http://www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com