Janelle In Real Life: a striped tunic


a striped tunic

It's that time in my life when getting dressed is an extra special occasion and needs to be documented. Pretty much anytime I put on some makeup and make it out of a t-shirt I ask my hubby to grab the camera and take some photos!

dress- gap // leggings- j. crew factory // shoes- target // necklace- elm avenue // ring- granite fox

This dress (which I wear as a tunic) is eeeeeverything. It has some shape and looks great on, even though it seems like a shapeless bag at first sight. I love it. I pretty much love everything that doesn't hug too tight these days... the more forgiving the better!
I'm a big believer that taking it easy and not stressing about loosing baby weight is the way to go. I'm focused on trying to eat well and get a little activity in during the day! I'm only about 10 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm telling you right now that breastfeeding (which burns a good bit of calories) and being young with still sort of high metabolism is what has helped the most! 

Breastfeeding can be so hard, believe me I know this. There were so many days in the first month and a half of my baby's life that I told my husband I was going to start weaning because I couldn't take the pain anymore! I had horrible mastitis infections 3 times, bruising, bleeding, and I literally had to bear down and grip the sides of the chair I was in while he latched on because it hurt so badly. I began dreading breastfeeding my little one. I started alternating breastfeeding & pumping while giving him a bottle just to give my body a break from the pain. But at some point, it just sort of stopped hurting! And I stopped getting infections. As of right now breastfeeding is going just fine.
Because of my experiences (I had a lot of pain with breastfeeding my first as well-- but we made it to 9 months!), I am not a judger when it comes to how you nourish your baby. Breastfeeding or formula, it's a momma's choice and no one else's! No matter the reason. I guarantee you, a mom always has her child's best interest at heart.
**stepping off my soapbox now**

Aaaaanyway, on a (sort of) related note, it is apparently Infertility Awareness Week and I just want to give a shout out to anyone who is dealing with infertility. I have personally never experienced that hardship, but I know many who have (or still are). It breaks my heart to see someone who wants so badly to have a child and cannot. I pray that you're blessed with your heart's desire.
And if you're looking for some hope amidst the darkness that a trial like infertility can bring, HERE is a wonderful blog that I've been following for quite a while! A couple that lives near me dealt with infertility for 8 long years before they tried IVF and were blessed with FOUR babies! It is such an amazing and inspirational story.

Love you all!

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