Janelle In Real Life: striped top & joggers


striped top & joggers

You know what I love? When it's fashionable to wear basically sweatpants.

top: clad & cloth // pants- h&m // necklace- h&m // shoes- target // watch- nordstrom (similar)

These black, textured joggers are such a great option for me these days! If I'm being honest, I spend a lot of time at home right now. It's haaaard to get out with two little kiddos... especially when one of them wants to be breastfed every two hours! So having comfy clothes that I can wear around the house (and not care if I get spit up on them) is pretty important to me right now. And this is definitely a comfy casual outfit!
Also, can I just mention that stripes are my favorite thing ever and I have wayyyy too many striped shirts in my closet!

And can I just ask a question real quick? Is anyone else really obsessed with HGTV shows? I found a whole bunch on Netflix and I cannot stop watching. Probably a contributing factor is that I often turn on Netflix when I'm nursing so I'm really good at binge watching shows. Regardless, I just love the all the home renovation shows, and when they take flea market junk and turn it into cool things, and I think I just wish I was that creative and awesome. Also, I've pretty much figured out my dream home and it would probably put us a bajillion dollars in debt so that's unfortunate. It's still so addictive to watch!
Aaaaanyway, I hope you're all having a fab week!

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  1. I didn't even know netflix had HGTV show on it.