Janelle In Real Life: A Recap of The Lovely Lunch!


A Recap of The Lovely Lunch!

Last weekend I was able to attend a really fun event sponsored by Jane.com and put on by Jacque from Looks for Lovelies! I've been dying to go to a blogger event... it feels like every time I get an invite I'm not able to go! And I don't get too much adult interaction these days, so you gotta take advantage of these opportunities, am I right?!

First off, can we all take a minute to acknowledge that the only picture of my face is one in which I look super pissed. I'm told that's a normal thing for me? Aaaaanyway, regardless of the faces I'm making, all of the Photography was done by Emily Cooper Photography, and she does some amazing work! Make sure to check out her website and Instagram.
So the keynote speaker for the lunch was Heidi from Jane.com, who I've actually known for a few years! We met in a married student ward (church congregation) back when we were both newlyweds. She has a great story because she was one of Jane's very first employees! She spoke about how their company has grown from 3 people posting deals from their living room to the hugely successful business they are today! Their journey was super relatable and included a lot of overcoming trials and it was pretty inspirational.
We also heard from the respective owners of Fancy Frills Boutique & Simply Reese Boutique and they each shared their journey to success. After the lunch I felt so inspired by these successful women! They all had humble beginnings and worked so hard to get to where they are. 
Basically I loved being in a room with all of these genuine, friendly, and driven women. It's wonderful to be in such great company!
I also really loved how it was totally ok to take all kinds of pictures of the food and decor and no one thought twice about you staging everything to look pretty for an instagram picture haha. Usually I have to be kinda sneaky when I take photos places so people don't think I'm ridiculous. Here it was totally acceptable!


  1. How pretty! That set up is so nice and girly, I would love to go to lunch and hear women who inspire me speak.

    Happy Medley

  2. Haha I totally feel you about staging photos! I feel so silly sometimes. This looked like so much fun. Those cupcakes, omg!