Janelle In Real Life: Some exciting news!!


Some exciting news!!

Yes, it's true... exciting things are happening around here!
But the exciting news is NOT that I'm pregnant. Gotcha.
It's that we are buying our first house! We close on it today and move in this week and I'm soooo ready to have a more permanent living situation.

top // skirt // shoes

I never in a million years thought I would buy a house in Utah... but here we are. The hubby and I had decided to stick around here so we could both finish school, and while I was finishing up my degree, he ended up finding a really amazing job. We job searched in both of our home states after I had graduated and there was just nothing that compared to the job he already had! I resigned myself begrudgingly to stay put in Utah, still holding out hope that we would find something closer to family. A crazy thing happened though, and I find myself really loving living here! Utah is beautiful and outdoorsy and there are some really great people here. We've made lifelong friends that I would be so sad to leave behind! And while I still wish we could be near our families, I'm happy to be putting down roots here.

And on a more fashion-y note, this skirt is the kind of skirt that you want to live in. It's comfy, and wonderful, and acceptable to wear to church! Do yourself a favor and invest in a cozy & chic maxi skirt. It's life changing!


  1. Yay! So exciting! I can't wait to see where you live! P.S. You're the cutest and I miss you.

  2. Firstly, your skirt is gorgeous!! And yay, congrats, excited for you!! We just bought a bigger home recently and it's honestly the best feeling! xo

  3. congrats! I wanted to move away from Utah desperately too, but sometimes it just makes more sense to stay, at least its a beautiful place! we moved into our new house about 3 months ago! Its so fun! post pics!

  4. Love the skirt and congrats! You are really going to enjoy being a home owner and having a place to live in/ come home to that you can truly call "home". I'm in the process of buying my 2nd house. The paperwork at closing sucks and your hand will pretty much be dead after all of the papers you have to sign but it is so worth it!


  5. Yay congrats! I just moved into my first home a couple months ago!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  6. Buying your first home is always so exciting! Good luck!

  7. Home buying is a rollercoaster of putting in offers and seeing if they will get accepted, but it is so worth it and you will love it!! I totally miss living in Utah and will be a little envious of you!! :)