Janelle In Real Life: nursing friendly ft Pink Blush


nursing friendly ft Pink Blush

I never realized until actually having kiddos how much they affect your wardrobe. You wear bump-friendly clothes during pregnancy, but it doesn't end there. Stain resistant, machine washable, and nursing friendly clothing are all important to have!

dress- c/o Pink Blush // necklace- elm avenue // shoes- piper & scoot

My littlest and I are still going strong with nursing at 8 months and I've really had to be aware of what I can wear out and about to be able to nurse him easily. The most convenient thing I've worn so far has got to be this dress from Pink Blush! Since it's a wrap style I just pull down one side and feed him. So simple! I was nursing him at church and 3 other moms asked where my dress was from because it was cute AND easy to nurse in.
But here's the really great part... this dress is good for pregnancy, nursing, and just wearing because it's pretty! You definitely don't have to be a mom to rock it!
If you've never heard of Pink Blush, they are a women's clothing boutique that carry maternity and non maternity pieces! I wore Pink Blush Maternity through pretty much my entire pregnancy and loved it. They have the best maternity dresses by far! And of course their non maternity selection is just as stellar. Check them out!

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  1. Such a lovely dress, so cute and comfy and I really like the print.