Janelle In Real Life: plaid is rad.


plaid is rad.

I feel like it's been a good long time since I've done a real update on here. So scroll down for the latest happenings!


top- c/o shopbop // jeans- joes // shoes- c/o shopbop

I added the last photo because it just cracks me up! I can't remember what my husband said to make me throw my head back and laugh at him like that... but I'm sure it was good!

So I'm like a huge plaid fan and couldn't resist getting this top during the Shopbop friends & family sale. It's a fun twist on a regular plaid top with the ruffle in the back... it adds a little femininity!

Anywayyyy... update time!

Our little 3 year old started preschool! He's behind in some areas (especially communication) and we did an assessment with our school district. They felt that starting preschool would really help him (so did we) and he's loving it so far! He even gets to ride the bus to school which he loves and I'm still getting used to... he's still my little baby!
Our little Nathan is 9 months old now and so fun. He scoots everywhere (practically crawling) and he pulls himself up with the couch now! He has 6 teeth and is still breastfeeding which can be... interesting. He has also said "mama" and "dada"! I mean it's more like mamamamama... but it still counts.
Steven ran another race, this time it was a relay race. We didn't get to go watch but they did really well! It's college football season so he's pretty into that right now of course, and the boys love watching him get excited when his team is winning! He's also totally embracing this "homeowners" thing and taking care of the lawn, organizing the garage, and installing blinds. I sure love having him around!
I'm just having a blast being a momma to my two cuties and I'm sort of boring compared to everyone else. I'm sort of looking for a part time job these days, mostly to get some experience in areas that I'm interested in pursuing. I'm waiting for just the right opportunity to come along so I'm not in any hurry! But I've been redoing my resume and doing some hunting. I've also be rereading my way through the Harry Potter series, which is something I've been meaning to do since I read them the first time! Our library has all of the books so we go there a couple times a week to pick up my books as they come in and let Carson get out some of his energy. He loves playing with the toys there and getting to read a whole bunch of new-to-him books!

So that's us! We're just happy to be settled in a new home, not having to move in the near future. We've lived in a new place every year for the last 5 years... and we are so happy to be staying put, finally! 

Hope you're all having a fab day so far!

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  1. I love our shirt . You look super cute . Congrats to your son for going to kindergarten :)
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