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on enjoying life


Do you guys ever feel like sometimes you're just in a rut? This time of year really seems to be rough for everyone, and understandably so. It's freezing cold, the roads are usually icy or covered in snow and it's crazy how much being outside can do for you... and how much you miss it when you can't have it!


My kids are going nuts (and I am too) being cooped up in the house all the time. We try doing little trips to the library or Target, but they definitely need an opportunity to use their "outside voices"... I don't think the library patrons or target customers appreciate the screaming & running as much as my boys do.


Anyway, back to the rut. I just feel exhausted all the time you guys! I've been trying to get to the gym a few times a week & do fun, enjoyable thing here & there to lift my spirits but I am just worn out. Sweet little Carson has been doing so much better lately with his development (you can read about his diagnosis here) but the last few weeks there's been some regression in regards to meltdowns.


If you've ever had a toddler in your house, you know what their tantrums can be like. Now imagine a kid twice as big throwing a 30 minute tantrum because you went upstairs to read a book with them before bedtime, but no, only dad can do that, mom has to stay downstairs until it's time for a prayer. ANY break in the routine is pretty big deal around here and it's hard not knowing what tiny little change you make will spark a meltdown.


The hardest part is that they're not screaming & kicking meltdowns... they're sobbing, emotionally taxing, "how could you do this to me, mom" kind of meltdowns. The kind that break your heart & leave you feeling mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically, exhausted.


But bless his little heart, we are working on it!! And one of my outlets is styling/blogging about an outfit so here we are. If you're ever left wondering why I blog about something so seemingly shallow & unimportant, it's because to me it's far from unimportant!


top- soel boutique (similar) // jeans- hudson // booties- matisse // necklace- elm avenue // purse- thrifted (rebecca minkoff)

I love blogging about fashion & my life, and I'll continue doing it as long as it brings me joy. My hope is that this blog can be a joy to others as well! So sometimes things will be serious & heartfelt, and other times it will be casual & lighthearted. My true desire with this blog is to build a community to lift each other up, commiserate about the hardships, and celebrate the victories. I hope you find inspiration when you read here! 


  1. You've got this, girl! You're an awesome mom! Sorry about the meltdowns :( I'm so impressed by your positive attitude though...and your killers looks! ❤❤❤

  2. What a beautiful top!



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