Janelle In Real Life: Tasteful Slits & Terrible Two's


Tasteful Slits & Terrible Two's

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for a good floral dress. 

dress: PinkBlush // necklaces: Elm Avenue & Old Navy // shoes: Nordstrom // lipstick: Mac faux

Photography by Paige Nicolle Photo

And I LOVE everything about this particular floral dress. I love the slit that adds a cute touch but doesn't go too high, the print that is so beautiful and feminine, & the fact that it fits like a dream.

PinkBlush is one of my go to boutiques for dresses and tops, they're all so cute and on trend! You may or may not know that they also have a maternity boutique, and guys, I LIVED in Pink Blush maternity during my last pregnancy. Their maternity dresses are so on point & comfy! I loved that I could transition from their maternity line to their regular line and still have access to their cute styles. A lot of their dresses are nursing friendly (like the one I'm wearing) which was a MUST for me when I was in the throws of breastfeeding!

And can I go off on a tiny tangent here and say I CAN'T BELIEVE my littlest guy is 2 now? Like... those breastfeeding days seem like they were yesterday! I also want you to know I was planning on having him in these photos with me, but the intensely long screaming sesh he had on the way to take photos made me rethink my decision. Anyone else out there with a 2 year old who screams & cries like there's no tomorrow? No? Just me? 
Love that kiddo to death but OH BOY. 
Guys... I legit have a special needs 4 year old and he is easy compared to his little bro. We'll just be over here riding out the terrible two's until they're over with lots of hugs, tears, and mom hiding in the closet with girl scout cookies. #momoftheyear


  1. Love this dress! It looks so flowy (if that's how you spell it haha) you look gorgeous in all of these photos. Oh and terrible twos , oh not look forward to it

  2. This maxi dress is everything for spring! Love the movement in it! xx

  3. I have this dress and I LOVE it! It's perfectly paired with these shoes. <3 You're gorgeous, girl!!

  4. This dress is gorgeous! I'm looking for nursing-friendly clothes right now, too, so I appreciate the recommendation to Pink Blush!