Janelle In Real Life: 70's Style & Splurge or Save


70's Style & Splurge or Save

Sometimes you put together an outfit, and then feel like maybe you were transported from the 70's. Or maybe you just look like J Lo from the tight pants sketch.

Top- Knot Sisters (similar) // Jeans- Hudson // Sunglasses- Forever 21 // Shoes- Free People

Either way, I was really feelin' myself in this cute outfit! I actually splurged a little on this top, because when I saw it I fell in loooove. I waited a few months for it to go on sale before buying, but it was $60 originally for a SHIRT. But it's actually way more awesome than just a regular old shirt... the knit material is pretty fabulous & it fits soooo good. I can't really explain what made me want this shirt so bad, but I NEEDED it. I saw it in store like 3 times and tried it on every time before I actually bought it. The style & quality were just 100% my jam!
And I made up for it with these sunnies (my current favorites) because they were only $6! Such a steal.

I really try to stick to some rules when it comes to what to splurge vs save on, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. But here's how I generally divide things up:

Splurge: Things that I'll wear regularly & get lots of use out of... my staple items. I like to splurge a little on one of each shoe category... so one good pair of boots, running shoes, flats, and heels. I also tend to splurge on one good handbag to use regularly, and one or two pairs of solid jeans. Basically, if I feel the item will be well worn & will last me more than 2 years I'll usually spend a little more. I'll also splurge if I feel something completely represents my style & feels 100% "me."

Save: Things that are trendy, or that I will only wear with some outfits (think bright colored items that don't match with everything). A lot of my tops & dresses fall in this category, because that's where I play around the most with trend pieces! If I buy colored jeans, a funky handbag, fun shoes, etc I try to go budget friendly since they may not stand the test of time. If I want to push myself style-wise & go out of my comfort zone, I make sure it's not too expensive since I may or may not love it!

I ALWAYS make a good faith effort to find something that's affordable before splurging! Sometimes you do get what you pay for though, and the $10 version of the $40 thing you love will fall apart after a couple wears. THIS IS WHY finding great sales is where. it's. freaking. at. You get the better quality AND the better price! It takes a good bit more effort but it's worth your trouble. Lucky for you I try really hard to post about sales on some of my favorite items on my Instagram & Facebook pages! So make sure to follow along there for some great deals, and let me know if there's a specific item you want me to post about when it goes on sale!

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