Janelle In Real Life: Best Makeup Brushes of All Time!


Best Makeup Brushes of All Time!

Hey friends! I've had some questions along the way about what makeup brushes I use & wanted to share which ones I can't live without these days. Your makeup is only as good as your tools, and truthfully, if you're using good brushes you can make drug store brands look high end. It makes a much bigger difference than you might think!

The brushes pictured above are my favorites currently, and I'm just going to share from left to right what they are & where to find them!

1. (far left) This is the brush I use for foundation and it's amaaaazing! It's actually meant to be a bronzer brush, but the density & softness is perfect for applying foundation. It's the #44 bronzer brush from the Sephora collection, and when I went to pick up a replacement for this one, they didn't have it in store! A quick google search also told me they discontinued this brush. BUT, I found a brush that is VERY similar and works just as amazing! It's the Tarte Airbrush Finish foundation brush and the density is the same as my Sephora one. It's even softer and I MAY even like it better.

2. The Morphe M441 brush is what I use to blend my eyeshadow! And the #1 rule of eyeshadow is to blend until you can blend no more, so this brush is a big staple for me. The thing I love about Morphe brushes is that they are soooo affordable. So I can totally use the crap out of my brushes until they're trashed & then just spend a couple bucks to replace them! I've had this brush for over 6 months & it's still in great condition, so they last well too!

3. I use this brush to apply my highlighter! In the past I've used a smaller & denser brush to get a more controlled highlight, but I LOVE that the Morphe M500 brush just sort of dusts it on lightly... it gives my highlight a much more natural look. It's the softest & fluffiest brush I own & I love it!

4. To apply eyeshadow to my crease & for more controlled eyeshadow application, I use the Morphe M321! It's a super small & dense brush that's tapered and perfect for packing on color & accurately applying shadow to your crease! After using this to get the product on, I go back in with my blending brush, but this brush is KEY to making sure the color goes where I want it to go & has enough pigment to show up!

5. The Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush is a cult favorite & I'm a fan! I've heard about this brush a lot & finally got a chance to try it out. The brush is super dense & flat, so perfect for packing your foundation on for super full coverage. On an every day basis, I use the first brush I talked about, but for an event, photoshoot, or when my face is having a rough day & I need more coverage, I use this baby! I usually sort of "stipple" on my foundation with it, and then blend it out until I'm happy with the coverage. It give you an airbrushed & more flawless look! Sigma is a pretty great brand for brushes, I haven't been disappointed yet!

6. For blush, I currently use the Ulta brand blush brush! It's solid & I've had it for over a year. I've always been happy with the blush application & haven't felt the need to venture out & look for anything else!

7. This big, fluffy brush is my GO TO for bronzer! It's the Morphe R2, and it's perfect for a bronzed glow. It's not appropriate to use for a controlled contour look, but when you just want to have an overall bronzed look this is my FAVORITE. I use it with the Benefit Hoola bronzer pretty much everyday & I'm always so happy with the result. For a controlled contour brush, try the Real Techniques Sculpting brush... it's my fave for contouring!

8. the Mac 266 small angled brush is super versatile and I use it ALL THE TIME. I've gone through like 4 of these and always replace it because it's the best! I use this brush for applying gel eyeliner, filing in my brows with powder, adding shadow to my lower lash line, or pretty much anything that requires controlled precision. You won't regret this brush, it might be my #1 favorite!

Well there you have it, a round up of some of the best makeup brushes money can buy! Sound off in the comments if there's anything I missed, or any other brushes you're curious about!

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