Janelle In Real Life: Primal Life Organics: Quiver Review


Primal Life Organics: Quiver Review

This post is sponsored by Primal Life Organics but all opinions are my own

Hey friends! I want to share a new product with you that was sent to me by Primal Life Organics. This is their vibrating facial cleanser called the Quiver and I've been loving it to up my morning & evening face routine!

One of my favorite things about the Quiver is that you don't have to replace a brush head! It's made of silicone and can just be washed with soap & water and reused over & over. You can even bring it in the shower to use! So easy.

I definitely feel like I can clean my face much better and easier with the Quiver as opposed to just using my hands or a washcloth. I'm strangely religious about cleaning & moisturizing my face morning and night... I feel like it's made the biggest difference in keeping my skin fresh & acne-clear!

Primal Life Organics also send me a few samples of their face wash & face serum which I have LOVED! They make me feel so fresh and clean and I love knowing that the ingredients are pure. The Coffee Bean Face Serum legitimately smells like coffee and it's amaaaaazing! 

I definitely think investing a little in your skincare is so important. Using products with all-natural ingredients and no toxins or chemicals can make a huge difference. And investing in the proper tools (like the Quiver) can cut down the time you spend AND get a deeper clean! Overall I was incredibly impressed with the Primal Life Organics products!

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