Janelle In Real Life: The Sizing Game


The Sizing Game

I'm so excited to share this cute outfit with you! It's comfy, easy, and looks amazing (if I do say so myself)!

Dress- Called to Surf | Bag- Vince Camuto (on sale!) | Shoes- Old Navy (on sale)

I know we're in September and we're heading into fall, but do yourself a favor and pick up these sandals while they're on sale for half off. There's bound to be some more sunny days and they are so cute & fun!

Now this dress! I love the fit of this one on me.. it's a little loose & flowy, and sooo comfy. I sized up to get that fit (and to get the length of the dress where I wanted). Can we talk for a sec about going up a size? I used to HATE being anything other than a size small. If i had to go up to a medium or (heaven forbid) a large, I was mortified! Which is ridiculous and silly. Because I can be a completely different size depending on how things run & what I want the fit to look like! I've worn sizes XS-L and sizes 2-10 in jeans. My weight has done some fluctuation, but a LOT of it comes down to the fact that sizing is not consistent between brands!
It's sort of sad how psychologically damaging sizing can be for women. We attach our value to the size we wear, or the number on the scale, or the inches around our waist. There should be NO shame in being one size over another and I know there are other girls out there who have felt the same way as me about sizing up. Wear what fits you best & don't worry about what the tag says!

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