Janelle In Real Life: Capsule Wardrobe... But Only Kind Of


Capsule Wardrobe... But Only Kind Of

Comin' at ya today with a comfy-casual fall outfit!

Top- c/o Tea n' Rose | Jeans- Free People | Handbag- Nordstrom (similar, budget-friendly) | Shoes- Free People

And this sweater top is literally one of the comfiest things I've put on my body. Prooooobably gonna go ahead & wear it 3 times this week #noshame.

I got a comment recently from a reader recently asking why I wear the same shoes, or jeans, or handbag over & over in some of my posts. It's a valid question that I want to address for a bit!

Have you guys heard of capsule wardrobes? It's basically where you create an entire wardrobe out of 30 or so pieces of clothing. You can read more about it HERE, but the gist is that a capsule wardrobe is meant to be minimalistic & practical! I don't follow the capsule wardrobe philosophy exactly, but I DO subscribe to the idea that you should actually use what you wear and not be frivolous about your fashion! So yes, I'm absolutely going to wear pieces on my blog more than once. Also, I try to be very realistic with the outfits I post. These are outfits I actually wear in my everyday life! So repeat items are definitely going to happen.

If you're looking for a blog with fancy, couture, artistic fashion inspiration... you're not gonna find that here. I follow plenty of those kinds of blogs and love them! But this right here is the practical side of fashion and I'm 100% not ashamed to be an outfit repeater!


  1. Looking gorgeous lady!! And I love that top + all the YES to capsule wardrobes!! xo


  2. I sort of do the same thing - I actually did a major purge (KonMari Method) a couple years back so I don't have excess stuff. I try to use the same stuff over and over again, even with clothing. Glad I'm not alone <3
    XO Ellen from Ask Away