Janelle In Real Life: Kortni Jeane Swimmers + Self Love


Kortni Jeane Swimmers + Self Love

Hey friends! Reeeeally going out of my comfort zone here & sharing some photos in my Kortni Jeane swimmers!

Top- Kortni Jeane | Bottoms- Kortni Jeane | Sunglasses- Forever 21 | Bag- Ellen & James (similar)

Posting pictures of yourself in a swimsuit on the internet for anyone & everyone to see can be sort of frightening. And while this last year has been one of tremendous growth for me in regards to self esteem and self love, it still feels a little uncomfortable for some reason! 
I love these Kortni Jeane swimmers though, and I love the way I feel wearing them! The flatter in all the right places and make you feel like a million bucks. And for reference, I'm wearing a size small in the top & bottom.
I've come a long way in terms of body positivity & self love... there were times that I HATED the way I looked in a swimsuit. I felt uncomfortable & like my flaws were all on full display for everyone around me to critique. It was hard to enjoy the pool or the beach with my kids because of how uncomfortable I felt and there was a point that I thought "This is so ridiculous. No one is looking at you, just go play with your kids!"
I am in SUCH a better place now, and not because my body looks drastically different than it used to, but because I've learned to love who I am & what I look like! Your perceived "flaws" are part of what make you who you are and there's no shame in that! 
I have carried & given birth to two sweet babies and pregnancy put my body through the ringer. I have stretch marks, extra fat, and cellulite where my 20 year old body had none. But aren't those something to be proud of? It's a symbol of the selfless act of pregnancy & I think we should be proud of all our bodies can accomplish.
The moral of the story is it IS possible to love the way you look in a swimsuit and it's NOT done by changing what you look like. It's about changing your mindset and loving who you are RIGHT NOW in this moment!

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