Janelle In Real Life: Hair Extensions Q&A


Hair Extensions Q&A

It's finally here!
I've been telling you guys for months that I would do a post about hair extensions, but I wanted to make sure that it had alllll the information you've been asking for before hitting publish.
So let's do a little Q&A, shall we?

Q: What brand of hair extensions do you use?
A: I'm currently using Luxy Hair extensions! I've been super impressed with the quality and the color match was spot on!

Q: How does the color matching process work?
A: While working with Luxy, they were AMAZING and had me sent photos of my hair in natural light to color match. From there we found what the closest color would be and they sent it over. The box has a single weft in the bottom compartment that's meant to be your "test" weft. So you take that one and hold it up to your hair to make sure the match is good! If it's not you can return the extensions & exchange them for a better color match. How cool is that??
The other option for color matching would be to find a salon that has hair extensions in store that you can color match in person. But honestly doing it online worked just as well for me & I didn't have to leave my house!

Q: What type of extensions have you used and what are the pros & cons to each?
A: I have used tape-in extensions, beaded wefts, and clip-ins. Here are my pros & cons for each kind!

--Beaded Wefts--
Pros: You don't have to worry about taking them out & putting them back, they just stay put! There also isn't any adhesive or product that needs to be used. Your stylist just slides the beads onto your hair & clamps down.
Cons: In my experience, beaded wefts are quite heavy and caused more damage to my hair than other types of extensions. They were the most uncomfortable to sleep in, although I definitely got used to them.

Pros: Of the extensions I've used, tape-ins were the most inconspicuous (you couldn't tell they were there). They laid flat against my head and were very lightweight! These are also more permanent and don't have to be removed daily.
Cons: I had a harder time washing my hair with tape-ins... you have to wash underneath them too so you don't end up with greasy spots & it took more shampoo and more time than I was used to. Also, tape-ins do leave a little residue from the adhesive. Overall, tape ins are my favorite more permanent option.

(both tape-ins & beaded wefts ended up being a little more expensive for me. I had to pay my stylist every 6 weeks to move my extensions up in addition to the upfront cost of purchasing the extensions)

Pros: the most affordable option! You remove them daily so there's no need to pay a stylist to move them up for you, the entire cost just includes paying for the extensions, and a one time fee to have your stylist "blend" your extensions with your natural hair (this is optional but makes them look more natural in my opinion). It's also more versatile to be able to remove your extensions whenever you want and just have shorter hair some days!
Cons: Clip-ins are a little heavier than tape ins. And if you want to be wearing extensions every day, it can be a little cumbersome to put them in & take them out all the time.

With all that said, my current favorite type of extensions are clip-ins. I just love that they're a less expensive and more versatile option! I like being able to have short hair some days and long hair others. I really think the type of extensions you should get just depends on how often you want to wear them and how much you're willing to spend.

Q: How do you put extensions in by yourself?
A: It's actually super easy to put in your own clip-in extensions! I followed the tutorial on Luxy's website HERE. And I use a product called Puff.Me that my hairstylist introduced me to! It's a powdered volumizing spray which is seriously the coolest thing ever. I section off my hair and spray the volumizing powder right where the clips will be placed and it works SO WELL in helping the extensions cling to my natural hair. My hair is really thin & silky naturally so sometimes the clips slip a little if I don't use any product. If you have naturally thick or more coarse hair you might not need product!

Q: How much do hair extensions cost?
A: For remy human hair clip-in extensions (which is 1000% what you want-- the synthetic stuff really looks fake) the pricing ranges from $100-$400 or so. The lower end of the price spectrum is where you'll find enough hair for someone with really thin natural hair who just wants to add a little bit of volume or length. $200-$300 is more like what the average person who wants noticeably thicker and/or longer hair will find.
Other types of extensions (tape-ins, beaded wefts, sew-ins, fusions, etc) range in price too, and in addition to the upfront cost, you'll need to consider how much a stylist will charge to move them up (usually you'll need that done every 5-8 weeks). When I had tape-ins, my stylist charged $95 every 6 weeks to move them up, which was pretty affordable for my area (I live in Northern Utah).

Q: Does it look obvious in person to others when you wear hair extensions?
A: Definitely not if you're using 100% remy human hair! My Luxy Hair extensions blend seamlessly with my hair and I've been complimented while wearing them about how lucky I am to have such naturally long & thick hair! I'm just foolin' everyone over here.
Like I said before, I think tape-in's are the easiest to stay hidden but clip-ins are great too since you can strategically place them in spots where they won't show! After having my extensions blended by my hair stylist, they look like my natural hair and no one knows the difference.

And there ya have it! Extensions are fun way to give your hair a new look and add a little volume & length, and I've loved these clip-ins. I hope I answered all the questions you have, and if I didn't feel free to comment, email me, or shoot me a DM on Instagram! I promise I'll get back to you ASAP!

Luxy sent these extensions to me for review, but all opinions are my own

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