Janelle In Real Life: Tips for Styling Over-the-Top Trends


Tips for Styling Over-the-Top Trends

Balloon sleeves: it feels like people love em' or hate em'. Can you guess what side I'm on??

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There are a lot of styles out there that I like to wear that some people (cough cough* my husband) think look weird or over the top. I personally don't see the things I wear that way, but I'm also totally fine with it not being everyone's cup of tea! And you should too. I think style is SO personal and it's ok to dress in a way that others may not love because it's an outward reflection of who you are, and we are all sooooo different! It's ok to see a trend that everyone is wearing and think it's not for you, and it's also ok to try something that no one is wearing and rock it!
BUT I do have some tips for you if there are styles you're seeing that seem too "big" for you to wear in your everyday life.
1. Wait out the trend. If you wait a few months or even a year past when you see a trend start popping up, you'll see it start to appear in more muted ways. So while balloon sleeves on the runway start out looking over-the-top, regular retailers will start producing the style in a way that's wearable! The balloon sleeves I'm wearing probably fall somewhere in between over-the-top and totally toned down, which is where I like it. That leads me to my next tip...
2. Start small! If you're hesitant, start with a really toned down version of a trend to see how you like it! And if you find yourself comfortable and loving it, you can go a little bigger next time. And finally...
3. Look for inspiration! Blogs, Instagram, magazines, etc can all provide inspiration for how to style a trend. You can learn what it looks like on body types similar to yours, what accessories go well with it, what season it works best for, and so on. And if there's ever a trend you're curious about, feel free to reach out to me and let me know you want to see it! I'm happy to be your style guinea pig.

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  1. Love the sleeves on your sweater.