Janelle In Real Life: Velvet & Vulnerability


Velvet & Vulnerability

Can you have a favorite texture? Because currently, mine is velvet.

Velvet dress- sold out, similar HERE | Boots- Steve Madden

I'm also loving this Orangy-Red color for this time of year!! It's so fun and a little out of the box for me. I know velvet is a little on the trendy side & may not be around as much in a few years... but I'll soak it all up while I can!

On another note, sorry that there's been a little radio silence on here! I'm working on jugging a lot currently, and unfortunately the blog has been a little neglected.

It's also super hard to motivate myself to write anything thoughtful on here, honestly. It seems like people are so much less inclined to read blogs these days! I know I used to spend an hour in the mornings going through & reading my favorite blogs... but now I spend that time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. I love social media for connecting, but there's something about reading full paragraphs of thoughts that I really miss.

I think vulnerability still exists on social media... I see people working to promote body positivity, sharing the ups & downs of parenting, mental illness, and so much more. But I miss the depth that blogging allows, and I hope that someday we all come back to reading more and scrolling less.

So if you still read along with me here... THANK YOU! I appreciate you taking the time to care what I have to say. And I hope your week is magical!


  1. I totally agree with you. That Facebook and IG have taken over. I still find time in the morning to read some blogs before my daughter wakes up for the day.


  2. Your blog is completely drool worthy and I love reading your posts! Can I just say, you're such an inspiration.