Janelle In Real Life: The Best Curling Irons for Both Long & Short Hair!


The Best Curling Irons for Both Long & Short Hair!

You've been asking and I'm FINALLY delivering: my favorite curling irons for long AND short hair!

Last month I chopped my hair to above the shoulders... and I love it! But one thing I've learned since having short hair is that curling long vs short hair is VERY different and requires some different tools and techniques! I'll be sharing what has worked best for me.

In my search for the best of the best when it comes to curling irons, I kept coming across T3 Micro and wanted to give their products a try! I reached out to them, and they send me their Convertible Collection, which comes with a curling iron base & 6 interchangeable barrels. 

Obviously their products are GORGEOUS, but I wanted to know if they lived up to the hype! And while the average person may not need 6 individual barrel sizes, I wanted to try them all out and see which sizes & styles were best to buy.
My overall impression of the set was a good one: they feel sturdy & high quality without being too heavy. And they heat up SO fast! I'm used to plugging in a curling iron and walking away for minutes before it's ready, but these take seconds!

So first up: my long hair #1 pick was the "Loose Waves" barrel (1.5" straight barrel). This one was perfect for my long locks! It gives the lovely wave that you see in the first photo of this post. My technique for curling long hair has been adjusted and perfected over time, but the short of it is that I section my hair off into 4 layers, and curl 1-2 inch pieces away from my face, starting with the bottom layer working my way up. Then I comb through with my fingers, and if I want a loose look, I go through the curls with a brush.

And next: my #1 short hair pick was the "Defined Curls" clip barrel (1"). I've found that using a clip barrel with short hair is much easier and more effective, and a smaller barrel is necessary with less hair to work with. I use this curling iron to style my short hair basically every time; it's my new go-to! For short hair, I section off 3 layers and alternate curling away from & toward my face (the hair framing my face & is always curled away). I do about 1" sections and twist and pull the curl tight immediately after releasing it from the iron to prevent it from being too big/bouncy. I use dry shampoo & hair spray for volume, and brush through with my fingers only to soften the curls.

And that's it! Honorable mention from this curling iron collection goes to the "Polished Curls" clip barrel (1.25") for slightly tighter long hair curls. I didn't use the clip (just wrapped my hair around it) because with long hair the clip just tugs & gets in the way.
Each of the 6 barrels I tried work so well for different hair looks, but I'm a creature of habit and find a hairstyle I love & stick with it forever. The other barrels didn't achieve my signature look, but still offered cute styles in a high quality product!

If you purchase anything from the collection, don't forget that you need the Convertible Base, which will power any of the barrels from the collection. The interchangeable aspect of this collection is pretty cool (and space saving), and the barrels were super easy to change in & out!

I received product courtesy of T3 Micro for this post, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your hair looks amazing. Its been years since I curled my hair with a curling iron.