Janelle In Real Life: Date Night: Utah Valley Parade of Homes!


Date Night: Utah Valley Parade of Homes!

Hey friends! It's been a hot minute since I've done a "what we're up to post" on here, so I wanted to share what the husband and I did for date night this week!

We hit up the Utah Valley Parade of Homes to see some of the most STUNNING home decor and construction! We loved being able to look at homes that were waaaay beyond what we could afford (it's just fun seeing how huge and stylish a home can look), AND we loved seeing what was more affordable that we could incorporate into our own home!

 The views of some of the homes we looked at were the best part. Could you imagine looking out over the whole valley as you eat dinner each night?

Every home was styled, down to the smallest detail and I loved seeing how the spaces were utilized! All the blank corners in my house currently have plans to become reading nooks like this one.

The kids rooms in the homes we walked through were some of my FAVORITES! I loved how fun the decor was, it seemed like the best pops of color and bold styles were in the kid areas.

What I loved most were how the little details in each home shined. A stunning chandelier, piece of art, textured blanket, etc really made the design! That's something that's easy and affordable and perfect for me to incorporate into my own home!

Most of the homes focused on the indoor amenities... including stunning offices, fancy toilets, rock climbing walls, game rooms, sound systems, etc. but my husband and I were really drawn to the outdoor areas. Especially anything sports oriented! Like this outdoor basketball court with a view to die for.

Overall it was such a fun experience and I loved photographing my faves!

If you haven't yet, make sure to check out these stunning Utah Valley homes! Tickets for the Utah Valley Parade of homes can be found HERE and they're only $15! A ticket gives you access to over 33 homes in the area and it's one million percent worth it. Kids are welcome so we're planning to head out again with the boys to show them all the fun! We initially thought they wouldn't like something like this, but during date night we saw so many kids LOVING the game rooms, kids rooms, bunk bed rooms, and all that sort of kid-oriented stuff. Now we're convinced they'll love it!

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