Janelle In Real Life: Swim Week: Day 1


Swim Week: Day 1

Oh hey friends! This week begins a new series perfect for summer: JIRL Swim Week! All week long I'll be sharing the best of the best in swimwear that's stylish, affordable, and perfect for a mom bod.

I'm no stranger to swimsuit season insecurities, and I know many other women who have experienced the same!  As I was taking these photos with my photographer, I mentioned how self conscious I felt taking pictures in swimsuits, and her answer really struck me. She told me that all of her swim clients feel that way... no matter their size! She's photographed literal size 0 models who felt just as uneasy taking vulnerable swim photos. You. Are. Not. Alone. Everyone experiences insecurity.
But we shouldn't need to! We should be able to feel confident & strong in whatever is on our bodies. I applaud companies who go above and beyond to make swimwear that caters to ALL body types & gets us closer to feeling comfortable at the pool, beach, lake, splash pad, or wherever. And that's why I'm doing this Swim Week series! I want to share brands I feel are doing just that.

Today I'm highlighting Kortni Jeane! I have been a Kortni Jeane fan for years and can't say enough good things about their suits. Their styles are high waisted, flattering, and mix & match prints! And their website features women of all different shapes & sizes. This is so important because representation matters! I love going on their site & finding the model that looks most like me to decide what suit will be best for my body type.

Swim top- c/o Kortni Jeane (wearing size Small) | Swim bottoms- c/o Kortni Jeane (wearing size Meduim) | Shoes- My Sister's Closet Boutique | Bag- Gig Pip | Sunglasses- c/o Kortni Jeane | Necklace- c/o Made by Mary

As you can see in these photos, I opted for a matching set, but you can totally mix it up with Kortni Jeane pieces! They always have the cutest prints & solids to choose from. I went for the tied up top because it is cute and SO flattering! And the ruched bottoms were a must for me, because my biggest area of insecurity is my tummy & these bottoms did a great job of making everything look flatter!
After taking this suit out for a test run, I feel 100% confident enough to wear this to the pool & my next beach vacation.
Have you tried Kortni Jeane? Let me know what you're loving from their site!

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