Janelle In Real Life: Swim Week: Day 2


Swim Week: Day 2

Hello All! Today is Day 2 of JIRL Swim Week! If you didn't see my previous post, HERE is a run down on what Swim Week is and why I'm doing it!
I'm on a mission to find cute & functional swimwear that make women feel comfortable and stylish, I hope you join me as I share some of the best I've found.

Today I'm sharing this ADORABLE two piece from Lime Ricki! It's hard to choose a favorite from the suits I'll be sharing this week, but todays is a top contender for sure.
Lime Ricki is a favorite company of mine and has been for years. They share photos on their social media & website of alllll different sizes of women to show what each style will look like on a few different body types! I love the extra effort they put forth to be inclusive. And I'll admit... I've consistently LOVED the way I look in all of the Lime Ricki suits I've tried.

Top- c/o Lime Ricki | Bottoms- c/o Lime Ricki | Bag- Target | Shoes- DSW | Earrings- Madewell | Necklace- c/o Made by Mary

For the longest time I was wary of cropped two pieces. I thought that since my tummy was my problem area is was best to keep it as covered & disguised as possible! But a cropped top & high waisted bottoms have turned out to be one of the most flattering cuts on me!
The BEST thing you can do for yourself when it comes to choosing flattering swimsuits is to really understand your body type. We are all built a little differently with different proportions and understanding what your are will help you decide the style of swimwear that suits you best.

I'm on the shorter side (5'4") and I have a short torso with longer legs. That means there are lots of one piece styles that actually look pretty unflattering on me. One pieces that are meant for longer torso'd women bunch up on me and emphasize my problem areas. BUT a good cropped two piece is perfect for me! It doesn't show too much skin (which is my personal preference) but it fits me properly, lays flat, and elongates my torso a bit!

If you need help discovering what body type you have and what styles work best for you please feel free to reach out to me via email (janelleinreallife(at)gmail.com) OR via Instagram DM (@janelleinreallife). I'd love to help you find what works best!

Keep an eye out for the rest of my swim week posts! I'll continue to share brands that work hard to be inclusive, and my own secrets I've learned to find the perfect styles.

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