Janelle In Real Life: Swim Week: Day 3


Swim Week: Day 3

Hey Y'all, it's Day 3 of JIRL Swim Week! If you're not up to date on this series, check out my previous posts HERE & HERE.
Throughout this week's series, I'll be sharing brands and styles of swimwear that I can't get enough of based on some very important criteria:
- do their styles flatter women of different sizes & shapes?
- do I feel comfortable & confident when I wear their pieces?
- do they cary stylish & fun styles and prints?

Today I'll be sharing this gorgeous one piece style from Albion Fit! I purchased a suit from Albion Fit several years ago when I happened upon their store in Salt Lake City. It was a ruched one piece (somewhat similar to the one I'm wearing) and it was LOVE! I still own that one piece and I think it's been 4 or 5 years, but it's just so dang flattering! I've tried a few other styles from Albion Fit since then, but the ruched one piece will forever have my heart.

One piece- Albion Fit | Bag- Etsy (similar HERE & HERE) | Sandals- My Sister's Closet | Sunglasses- Target | Necklace- c/o Made by Mary | Earrings- Madewell

The reason this style works so well for me is because the ruching makes a one piece doable for this short-torso'd girl! I mentioned in my last most that one pieces are difficult for me to pull of because of my proportions, but the ruched detail completely disguises any bunching and flattens out the stomach area. I didn't think I would be a fan of the "sleeves" on this suit, but I actually think it makes the suit look classy!
This was my first swimsuit purchase after loosing some weight last year and I was still feeling a little self conscious about how my body looked. I knew I'd shed some pounds and maintained a much healthier lifestyle, but I still had a complex about not feeling "skinny enough." Swimsuits are notorious for showing off "problem areas" in the least flattering way & I was worried this would be more of the same. But it was truly one of the first things I put on my body that gave me the confidence I needed!

Keep an eye out for my next Swim Week post and let me know your thoughts so far!

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