Janelle In Real Life: CoolSculpting Review with Avahlee Med Spa


CoolSculpting Review with Avahlee Med Spa

I had a really cool experience recently that I'm SO excited to share with you guys!
I've been working with Avahlee Med Spa in Lehi, UT since January of this year & have been sharing my experience getting laser hair removal there on my Instagram stories. So I was already a fan of theirs when they asked if I wanted to give CoolSculpting a try with them!

Umm, yes please.

If you haven't heard of CoolSculpting before, it's a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses cryolipolysis to freeze unwanted fat cells. It SOUNDED cool, but I did some research ahead of time to make sure it was something I wanted to try.
After some googling around, I found that a lot people have had great results using CoolSculpting! It's non-invasive so there's no down time, and there is no damage that occurs to your skin. I had actually mentioned to a friend the day before my CoolSculpting appointment that I was getting it done, and she whipped out her own CoolSculpting before & after photos to show me. Her results were fabulous! I felt that my "before" body looked similar to hers and couldn't believe her "afters" could be me too!

So here's how to tell if you're a good candidate for CoolSculpting:
- You have an area of unwanted fat
- You have established good exercise & eating habits (CoolSculpting results are best when you aren't fluctuating weight a ton)
- You are a healthy weight & are struggling to lose that last little bit

Over the last 2 years I have worked to improve my health & dropped about 20 pounds. The timing for doing Cool Sculpting was really good for me because I felt I'd lost all the fat I was going to lose, and just wanted to see that extra bit go. I gain weight on my lower abdomen & have a small "mom belly" (as I like to call it) that won't go away. I wanted to see if CoolSculpting could reduce that area & make my clothes look a little better on me!

And before I go any further, here's an important thing to note-- nobody NEEDS to have CoolSculpting done. You are all beautiful angels who look stunning exactly as you are now & you should be proud of the body you have! If CoolSculpting is something you WANT & will work for you, that's so great! But never feel like you need it to be beautiful, cause you don't.

And I will just say, one of the many reasons I LOVED going to Avahlee to receive CoolSculpting was that at every step, I received compliments & reassurance that I looked great BEFORE my treatment. There was absolutely zero body shaming or making me feel that I needed to have CoolSculpting done to look my best! 

Now onto my treatment experience:

When I arrived at Avahlee for my appointment, we did a small consultation where we decided what kind of Cool Sculpting treatment I would receive. We opted for the CoolSculpting Smooth applicator (they have different applicators that work better on different parts of the body & depending on how dense your fat is in a given area). The owner Pattilynn explained how everything would work, the results I should expect to see, and answered all of my questions
After the consultation we did before photos so we could track the CoolSculpting progress. Pattilynn explained to me that I may see results about a month after treatment, but that I would likely see full results after about 3 months!

After photos we went to the treatment room which was styled beautifully & looked immaculate. It was so relaxing! They gave me a menu to choose dinner from and let me choose a Netflix show to watch. I was feeling SO pampered, it was amazing.
While that was happening, they applied the CoolSculpting applicator. They first applied a gel & a few plastic sheets. Those were the barrier to keep my skin from freezing! Then they applied the applicator, which was about the size of a football and had some weight to it.

When the treatment started (and I was already chowing down on my caesar salad & binging Parks & Rec) it initially felt like period cramps. A little uncomfortable, but totally manageable. And then after a few minutes I went numb and didn't feel any discomfort! The treatment lasted for 90 minutes & honestly went by super fast. During that 90 minutes I just watched Netflix and they brought me a Dr. Pepper & some chocolate from their candy cart they have for all their guests!

After the treatment finished, they have to massage the area that the CoolSculpting applicator was used on to help break down the fat cells. This process is supposed to give you better results, but I'll admit... it's super uncomfortable.
If you've ever given birth and then had a nurse massage your uterus afterward, it felt exactly like that. Pretty unpleasant as the area starts to no longer be numb, but it only lasts for 2 minutes, and you can do anything for 2 minutes, right??

And that was it! I drove myself home and hung out with my husband & kids right after, no recovery time at all!

The only lingering effect from receiving CoolSculpting is that the treated area stays numb for a while & you're a bit swollen. The area is pretty much totally numb for a few days, until you start getting sensation back in your nerves! When my nerves started waking back up, it was a tiny bit uncomfortable but I didn't even end up needing to take Tylenol. I am a little less than 3 weeks out from my CoolSculpting treatment & I still have a little bit of numbness in my lower abdomen, but it's now mostly back to normal. And as for the swelling, I had a couple days of being pretty swollen, and then a few more of minor swelling. After about a week I was back to normal!

When I'm a few months out from receiving treatment, I plan to share my before/after photos with you! I'm really excited to see them because I feel like I already see a slight difference after 3 weeks. If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting or scheduling a consultation with Avahlee, here's a link to their CoolSculpting page: https://avahlee.com/coolsculpting-utah/
I can't recommend them enough, they go above & beyond to be kind & make you feel comfortable. If you're in Utah, check them out! Overall my experience with CoolSculpting has been positive and I can't WAIT to see my full results!

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