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Out of the Box

How to Style: a Classy Pink Midi Dress!

Dress- Rachel Parcell | Bag- Madewell (similar) | Shoes- Korkease | Necklace- c/o Made by Mary

This Rachel Parcell dress is a DREAM and I could wait to style it! The dress itself is very chic & dressy and I wanted to bring it down to more of an every day style! So instead of sky high pumps and some blingy statement earrings (which was my first though for how to style this), I went with a casual straw bag & some low heeled comfy sandals (seriously-- the comfiest I've ever owned).

I am a firm believer in dressing for your lifestyle and mine is honestly more laid back and casual. So even when I get a nicer piece I like to style in in a way that makes sense for ME! I also don't want to waste money pieces that won't slide right into the wardrobe I already have, so I LOVE that this dress has some serious versatility!

If you didn't already know, I am the photo shoot stylist for My Sister's Closet Boutique and I have learned so much about styling from my job! Clothing is so much more interchangeable than you might originally think. I love coming up with outfit combinations that are unique! It's super useful in my own life too because I get so much more wear out of items when I can think outside of the styling box. It's obvious to put a tee with a classic pear of jeans, but when that tee also works with your floral skirt, or underneath a jumper, or with a cute pair of overalls, all of the sudden you have a million outfit combinations!

So tell me: how would you style this gorgeous dress?

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